If you bought the offline version of your virtual tour, you can access a non-internet connected version on the following platforms;

  • Desktop, including Windows (x32 bit, and x64 bit) and Macintosh
  • Mobile including Apple and Android tablet devices. 

Download the offline file viewer from here;


The following details is how to open and use the offline panorama program.

  1. Download the virtual tour file and "PanoTour Viewer" program from the links above
  2. Install the PanoTour Viewer program
  3. Unzip any files you were given to your offline virtual tour program to a folder on your computer
  4. Open the *.PTV file with the PanoTour Viewer program.
  5. for the best experience use the "Open in Browser" link at the top of the program window. This will open the tour in your web browser - the way it was designed to be viewed.