SELF HOSTED Version(s);

Contact Think Virtual Reality if you have not received your download links.


The following details is for your webmaster to install the virtual tour onto your webserver

  1. Download the virtual tours from the links above
  2. unzip the files to a local folder
  3. log into your website FTP access
  4. create a folder where you would like the tour to be installed. This will also form a part of your URL (example /virtualtour)
  5. Transfer the entire contents of the folder into the newly created folder on your webserver - ensuring the index.html is in the root of the new folder
  6. Once file transfer is complete, the virtual tour will now be live. 


If you do not have access to your web server, or you cannot get your tour to work as intended, please raise a support ticket for us to investigate further.

Alternatively, if you would like Think Virtual Reality to host your virtual tours, we can provide this service to you at a low monthly hosting cost. Please raise a support ticket if you would like more information on this service.