Inside your Google Expeditions Kit you will find the following items:

Please note there may be slight variations of products between the 10/20 and 30 piece kits. 



Pelican hard case with laptop lid organiser (variation between 10/20/30 kits)


6 or 10 port USB multi charger


MicroUSB charging cables (phone)

USB-type-C for the teacher tablet


Teacher tablet device


VR headset viewers


Mobile VR devices (phones)


Branded lanyard neck holders


Cat5 Network Cable to connect the router to an active internet connection

Microfibre cleaning cloths

Device serial numbers and checklist documentation plus setup information for the Wi-Fi network and relevant passwords

Basic Setting up your Google Expeditions kit:

To set up your kit for use in the classroom, follow these instructions and you`ll be up and running in no time!

  1. Attach the lanyard neck holders to the headsets in order to prevent students accidentally dropping the headsets
  2. Plug the router into a power point inside your classroom, and allow it to start (about 30 seconds)
  3. Turn on the teacher tablet by holding down the power button. The tablet should automatically connect to the "Expeditions" WiFi network.
  4. Ensure the teacher tablet is in "Lead" mode. 
  5. Turn on the mobile devices and hand them to your students along with a headset.
  6. Open the Google Expeditions app and ensure the mobile devices are in "Follow" mode. 

Using Google Expeditions with your class:

General Care Instructions

The device screen and headset lenses should be cleaned regularly in order to ensure clear vision during use. 

Use the included microfiber cloth in your kit to gently wipe the screens and lenses.