Students can't find your tablet device.

  1. Is there only one student device that can't connect to the leader?
    1. Yes 
      1. Please check and ensure that the Wi-Fi on the student device is active, and connected to the "Expeditions" Wi-Fi network.
        Information on the connection name and password will be in your case.
      2. Please check and ensure that the Expeditions app is in "Follow" mode, not Lead mode on the student device.
    2. No 
      1. Please check and ensure that the teacher device has Wi-Fi turned on and is connected to the "Expeditions" Wi-Fi network.
      2. Please check that the included Wi-Fi router is turned on and operating normally. (power cycle if required - ie. turn off, wait 10 seconds, then turn on again)
      3. Please check that the student devices are turned on, and is in "Follow" mode

  2. Close the application on the mobile devices, then restart the Google Expeditions App. 
  3. Restart any or all devices if necessary

Device wont turn on

  1. Ensure the tablet is fully charged using the included charging cables and charger in the Expedition Kit
  2. Ensure the cable is connected correctly in both the tablet end and the charging ends. Remove and reapply as necessary.
    1. Note, if the battery is completely flat, (ie, 0%) it may take a few minutes before it registers that the device is charging. 

Please note that the teacher tablet has a different charging cable (white cable) to the mobile devices (black cable)

An application called "Device policy" is prompting in the status bar

This is normal for the corporate controlled Google Expedition Kits. This policy allows us to attempt to recover lost or stolen headsets. 

  1. Allow the software to 'sync' with the server by connecting the device to an internet connected wi-fi hot spot.

For all other questions and support issues not listed above, please log a support ticket